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Mardu Hyper Aggro

Join Aaron for his last article going into the first weekend of KTK Standard! Find out what he thinks may be the best deck discovered so far!

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Jund Walkers vs. Abzan Walkers

Like Jund Walkers? Find an updated deck list for Khans of Tarkir! Also find out what may be an even better alternative through Abzan Walkers!

Dump Truck: A Modern Remix

Sometimes in one’s magic career you just have to brew. It’s not about winning or making the next best deck EVA! It’s just about staying in touch with yourself and the tools that we use on a daily basis to play the game. Making a deck has a lot ...

Encyclopaedia Stoneblaedia

Arleigh Debut's as a Deck Factory writer with his passion for Stoneblade! Read in depth on his take on one of the best decks ever seen in Legacy!

The Ten Color Combinations in Born of the Gods Draft

My testing for GP Mexico City ended this week, and with it came some great learning. Today, I'm going to go over what I've learned through my five drafts this weekend, and how I feel that will affect the draft format players will be seeing on the second days ...

Pillars of Standard: Here there be Monsters

Hello everyone! I'm back and boy has it been far too long since I've put an article out. Things in life have been just a wee bit hectic getting used to my schedule for school this semester, but things are finally settling into a routine, and with the routine ...